The Power Of The Pack

Updated , by Elaine Kelly

The Power Of The Pack

The power of a group can be more than the sum of it's members. And this is why you need a coherent team or pack to really create an impact.

But just getting some people together is not enough. An group without coherence and direction is way worse than just one individual. The smallest decisions can turn into endless debate and just getting everyone to move can take a long time.

If you have ever gone camping with a big group, you know how long it can take an disorganized group to do the simplest things. When you need to decide on dinner, you end up walking in the store for over an hour. When you need to decide where to go hiking that day, you end up spending half the day to pick a place.

But with a well-organized and in-tune pack comes the power to do so much more. Now you can take on tasks that are much bigger than any member can handle on their own. When someone is having a difficult time, the group will carry him/her through.

This is what a pack is all about.